About Us

The History of Rose Oil Company


Rose Oil Company has been serving and supporting Vance and surrounding counties since 1938. We are committed to providing our customers with quality home heating, propane, farm fuel, commercial fuel, diesel, diesel exhaust fluid, and hydraulic hose repair along with outstanding customer service.  Rose Oil Company began in 1938 as a wholesale petroleum distributor. In 1938, Mr. O.T. Kirkland and Mr. B.P. Rose founded Rose Oil Company. The office was located at 884 North Garnett Street Henderson, North Carolina; the company had one truck (458 gallons) and bulk storage of roughly 50,000 gallons. The product was hauled in by rail from Texas.


In 1939, Mr. George A. Rose, Jr. joined Mr. Kirkland and Mr. B.P. Rose and construction began on stations located in Henderson, Oxford, and Franklinton.


In 1940, the three partners purchased all service stations and bulk plant equipment from Shell Oil Company and formed a partnership by the name of Kirk Rose Oil Company. The bulk plant itself was not purchased until 1946.


In 1942, Kirk Rose Oil Company purchased Wilson Oil Company and John Dozier joined as a partner. By 1943, this partnership dissolved and was replaced by a partnership between George A. Rose and Bennett Perry Rose. This would become Rose Oil Company of Henderson. These were the years of WWII with rationing, gasoline stamps, and tire stamps.


In 1950, Rose Oil Company purchased their own transporter and began to haul their own product from Norfolk and Wilmington. In 1959, we began to haul our product from the pipeline terminal in Friendship, North Carolina, just west of Greensboro.  In 1972, the state widened US1 and Rose Oil Company was relocated 158 West Bypass in Henderson. The Company continued to grow through the years, adding locations which were operated by dealers that the Company leased to.


In 1981, the officers of Rose Oil Company, Inc. formed a new company which would be named Rose Mart, Inc. Rose Mart, Inc. would add 12 more locations and continue to grow, constantly looking for new opportunities.


Rose Oil Company is now located at 613 US-158 Bypass in Henderson and currently serves many counties within North Carolina (Vance, Granville, Franklin, Warren, Wake, Durham, Wilson, and South Side Virginia counties). We have now expanded our product offerings, which include: Propane, Diesel, Diesel Exhaust Fluid, Branded (Shell) Gasoline, Unbranded Gasoline, Kerosene, Farm Fuel, and Commercial Fuel. We also supply gasoline and fuels to the convenience store trade.  Rose Oil Company continues to carry on the tradition of good corporate citizenship within the counties we serve.